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    Wiz Khalifa Calls For Peace Amid Rising Hip-Hop Deaths

    • 2 min read

    Wiz Khalifa Calls For Peace Amid Rising Hip-Hop Deaths

    A string of recent murders has left the hip-hop community shaking, leaving rapper Wiz Khalifa urging for peace.


    On Sunday, Wiz took to Twitter to offer some words of advice to his fellow rappers about possible solutions to curb the violence. He suggested that artists refrain from dissing one another in music and name-dropping the deceased, which is a common practice in the Chicago and Florida rap scene.




    The “We Dem Boyz” star followed up, letting it be known that his initial tweet was not directed towards any of the rappers who have recently passed away.


    “Not sayın any of these are a direct cause of violence but changin em could help,” he wrote.




    The 34-year-old’s words of wisdom arrive just days after rapper Slim 400 was shot and killed in Los Angeles and Drakeo the Ruler was stabbed to death while backstage at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival over the weekend. Last month, rapper Young Dolph was gunned down in Memphis, Tennessee. Rising star Baby CEO was also shot to death this year on January 20th. 


    These waves of violence have caused many to question whether or not the music, which often details drugs and violence, is to blame. Others, such as Boosie Bad Azz, have attributed the violence to rappers no longer being safe in their hometowns, despite wanting to show love to their communities.


    Does Wiz Khalifa have a point? Should rappers be more conscious of the subject matters they are using in their rhymes?



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