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    Yella Beezy Allegedly Raped Woman During First Date

    • 1 min read

    Yella Beezy Allegedly Raped Woman During First Date


    Details surrounding rapper Yella Beezy’s sexual assault charges have been revealed, and things are not looking good for the Dallas rapper.


    According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the unidentified victim reported that the rapper raped her in April. She claims that the two met on Instagram and eventually made plans for a date. They were planning to go to a Dallas bowling alley but visited his home beforehand. Once at his house, the victim says she and Beezy played cards until the rapper requested a massage, to which she obliged. Once it was over, he allegedly forced himself on her, pulling up her dress and kissing her after she repeatedly told him no. She then claims he raped her.


    The woman told police that Beezy tried to make her believe that the assault was somehow her fault since she was the one who kissed him first. She went to the emergency room the following day. The Asylum Records signee was arrested in Collin County, Texas, on November 5th and charged with felony sexual assault, a misdemeanor for carrying a weapon, and felony child endangerment, though it is unclear what that charge stemmed from.


    Yella Beezy is now free after posting a $57,500 bond.


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