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    YouTube New Shorts Feature Could be Similar to TikTok

    • 3 min read

    YouTube New Shorts Feature Could be Similar to TikTok

    There has been lots of competition for YouTube; many video sharing platforms come out daily trying to get relevance. While other competitions have not been very much a problem for YouTube, TikTok has given YouTube a run for its money. It is in light of this new and growing competition that YouTube has introduced a new feature known as Shorts.

    There are lots of video platforms like Vimeo, Veoh and DailyMotion, but they did not stand the chance like TikTok. TikTok is focused on short videos around music. YouTube is aware of this, and it is rolling out this new feature that will help keep its users glued and find the platform continuously interesting.

    With this new feature, plus other functions it provides, YouTube will get lots of fans to its platform. For example, YouTube’s new feature have a more detailed music licensing agreement in place which users can choose from. This feature will be a plus since YouTube already has more users than TikTok.

    Influencers will find it more pleasurable to stay on YouTube so they can get the attention of more viewers. And to cap it all, YouTube has a better-partnered payment for its members than TikTok, and most influencers are taking advantage of it already.

    Only short clips are used on TikTok and those that lend themselves to memes at that. Users will like to stay on YouTube instead of TikTok so that they can have more chances to get a better feel of their artist’s song exactly what TikTok does not provide.

    What about the YouTube ‘Short’ Should You Know?

    With Shorts, YouTube plans on creating a short video section on the mobile app. This feature is set to be released at the end of 2020. The Shorts feature will appear in the form of a special feed and this will include a list of short videos.

    YouTube has an advantage because it already has a lot of users to make the Short feature a major challenge for TikTok. Short, interesting and creative content will be created by its users and placed for others to view.

    YouTube has always been innovative, trying to stay relevant to the Z generation and with this move, it stands a chance of getting the attention of all its competitors.

    What Features does TikTok Currently Provide?

    TikTok was formed when was bought in 2018. Since then the app has grown in prominence around Asia and the West. It became the most downloaded app in the world, more than Instagram.

    TikTok provides the ability to combine music, filters and other effects into a 15-second video; this then makes it easy for people to express themselves in a short time. About 41% of its users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

    TikTok creates a great engagement when it comes to hashtags and challenges. It also currently reaches the generation Z demographics and needs a very low budget to create a video.

    However, some of the challenges with TikTok are that it is not a very good platform for a professional video, it does not currently have a proper ad business model yet. Hence monetization is difficult. All these challenges are what YouTube has solved.

    What Features does YouTube Currently Provide?

    Currently, YouTube allows you to post longer videos than TikTok; with this feature, Music artists will always prefer to put their videos on YouTube. YouTube allows you to share in-depth information with your followers.

    Also, there is an increased chance to deliver promotional videos and get adequate results than on TikTok. YouTube has been there for a while and this fact has helped build its credibility among its users.

    Some of the YouTube challenges is that its algorithm only favors channels that upload longer videos. Also, to remain relevant, you will also have to upload videos regularly. It is also hard for anyone coming new to get noticed.

    Over the years, YouTube has recorded a continuous increase in the number of viewers hence more popular when it comes to marketing your video or products. Marketers will also prefer to use YouTube because of the ease to market their products.

    In the final analysis, while YouTube remains the world’s most popular video sharing platform, the rising prominence of TikTok might be something that YouTube has to watch out for. The platform knows this, and is therefore introducing a feature that may combat the impact of TikTok. But YouTube remains the go-to place for music artists to promote themselves, while TikTok is your tool for challenges and trends. Now, that YouTube is saying, “You can have it all on YouTube,” get ready for YouTube Short… it’s coming!