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    Instagram & Facebook Verification

    It's time to get your social media VERIFIED!!

    If you are establishing yourself as a musician, then the next logical step is to get verified on your social media profiles. When you get verified on Instagram and Facebook, you have earned a blue check, and you are building name recognition and awareness.

    There are many added benefits to having that little blue check next to your name:

    • Creates Authenticity:  The verification badge separates your real account from any imposter accounts and establishes your legitimacy. Verification gives your fans a sense of trust, and they can feel confident that it’s actually you posting.
    • Increases Visibility:  With verification comes a higher ranking in search results. It becomes easier for fans to find your account, interact, and follow. This higher level of visibility may also lead to more followers and higher engagement per post.

    Let us take care of the verification process so that you can focus on making music.

    What accounts can apply for verification?

    Verification is for both individual and business profiles. All profiles that meet least necessities for verification yet can't get checked by the application can apply by means of us and get ensured results or a full refund. We can verify a wide range of accounts but focus solely on musicians for Instagram & Facebook. We don't acknowledge gambling, adult, or crypto accounts.

    How many followers should profile have?

    Getting verified steers clear of the number of followers or how much engagement you may have. Regardless of whether you have 10 posts and 100 followers or 1000 posts and 10 million followers – it doesn't really matter. The one thing that matters is your online presence. Having articles on good sites makes a difference. A Wikipedia page, TheSource, HipHopDX, Elevator, and similar.

    Is this service 100% guaranteed?

    Indeed! We just take upon orders that we are sure will get checked. To ensure this can occur, we just take influencers that have at least 10 articles on authority sites about them with their name in the title of the feature. We have a 99% achievement rate.

    Does Viral Media Boost provide PR?

    Indeed, we give an ensured package to customers on the off chance that you don't have the necessities to get a verified check. In our ensured package, we do the PR for you, we then, at that point get your FB verified and then we get your IG verified. We CANNOT just verify your Instagram your facebook has to be verified first. Under this arrangement, if we fail to verify your IG as an outcome, we make a full refund. You don't pay for PR, you pay for outcome. Viral Media Boost is one of very few companies who can guarantee this service or your money back. 

    How does the Full PR plan work?

    Easy, we have all the blogs you need for approval. You can check out some of our blogs options here 

    Can I just verify my Instagram and not Facebook?

    No! But you can verify your facebook and not instagram. Instagram has to be done in order to verify Instagram. If you want to verify Facebook alone contact our customer support team

    How long does verification take?

    After you’ve provided the information for us to begin our work, your marketing immediately begins. Results may vary but customers typically will see results within 1-2 days, though in rare cases it can take up to a week.

    Watch the results!

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