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    Discover the secrets to successfully launching your music career with a once-in-a-lifetime mentorship session.

    Learn the most effective ways to market your music on social media and increase your revenues exponentially on this live video call with your new mentor.

    Having worked with major artists including Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, and Juice Wrld, our expert instructor knows just what it takes to stand out—this mentorship program may be just what you need to bag your next viral hit.

    You'll also get tips on maximizing revenue potential by generating buzz through social media posts that are sure not only increase exposure but income too!

    This is perfect if you've got an album coming out or just want some fresh ideas about what's working right now - sign up today before the price goes up again!"

    Class begins on the 19th (incorrect date on flyer)

    Watch the results!

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