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    Music Review

    Do you need some advice on what to do with your hit record? Our team can review your music and provide you with some advice.

    ViralChrisTV will review your music LIVE on Instagram Live and provide you with advice to help your career! This service provides an opportunity to get an industry insider opinion about the quality of your songs, aspects that could be improved, or what type of audience or placements to target! This music review service will sometime come with FREE Music Promotions. Viewers will be able to rate the song either 🔥🔥 or 🗑️🗑️. If 🔥🔥 we will continue to play the song out if 🗑️🗑️ we will cut the song short based of viewers ratings!

    First 25 songs of review will always be FREE by texting "MUSICREVIEW" to (404) 737-3937! To guarantee "song review" click above to purchase your guarantee slot

    Music Reviews will be every friday 7pm est time!

     Today at 7pm there will be a 50 artist who receive FREE spotify playlist promotions Skip the line below for your chance to win



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