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    Professional PF8 Studio Mic Screen Acoustic Filter

    The PF8 is a great tool for sound engineers who need to be able to hear every sound of their work. This foam shield reduces unwanted noise and reflections, allowing the engineer's voice/instrument to shine through without being overpowered by other sounds in the space or distortion from low-quality microphones.

    This mic screen filter does an excellent job of isolating your voice and reducing the impact of external, unwanted noise. With a wind screen that can reduce impulse sounds from outside interference as well as protect against sudden gusts or air currents like microphones without one might be susceptible to, it's more than worth considering for recording sessions if you're often in in-door situations with lots going on around you!

    PF8 is designed specifically so that no matter where you are -- indoors or out--your voice will always come through clear and concise. The microphone has been strategically positioned at just over four feet away from any potential sound source (this minimizes excess background noise) which produces stellar results when used correctly. Additionally, there is less risk of plosive popping


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