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    Youtube Video Placement

    YouTube Video Placement

    What if You Could Dramatically Increase the Exposure of Your Music using YouTube?

    “I knew that my songs had potential, but they weren’t being heard by the right audience. The traction my music had after being posted on just one reputable channel was incredible!”

    - Kyle Hughes

    Are you ready to take your music to NEW HEIGHTS with HIGH-CALIBER channels on YouTube? We have the connectionsto optimize your music for growth!

    So you can speak to an audience that will give your songs MOMENTUM!

    Here are the benefits:

    1. Reputation Enhancement - By associating your music with a known channel, you’ll enhance your reputation and encourage subscribers to follow your music.
    2. New Audiences- Reach previously untapped listeners who trust the music published across our collaborative channels.
    3. Viral Sharing Potential- By tapping into thousands and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers, you’ll bolster your music’s share-ability for potentially viral content.
    4. Establish Authority- The channels we post your music to carry authority, respect, and influence. Connect your songs to some of the most powerful nameson YouTube.
    5. Build Loyalty- When fans discover your music through one of our connections, they instantly form a more compelling bond with your music leading to long-lasting listener loyalty.

    Post to an Acclaimed YouTube Channel

    We have connections to millions of subscribersthrough the following channels:


    For a limited time, you can even get a Nightcore remix on your music. Afterward, your music will be posted to the Nightcore channel for a unique spin on your original music.



    Allow 3-7 days for posting...


    Watch the results!

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